12.07.2006 – 01.10.2006
Group Exhibition

Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

Group exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. Karin Sander presents "Show – an Audio Tour"

»As one enters the exhibition rooms of the Schirn Art Hall in Frankfurt, one is confronted by a room with empty white walls before which visitors linger, listening intently to their audio guides. On the walls are positioned the usual signs bearing the names of artists and the corresponding audio guide numbers. The wall above and to the right of each sign would afford ample space to hang a picture—yet the pictures in this particular exhibition are to be found not on the exhibition room walls but in the visitors' heads.
For this installation, Karin Sander has asked artists to provide works that are not physically present but are narrated—that are accessible only through their descriptions in the audio guide. And through these verbalisations, the visitors themselves begin to create the pictures in their mind's eye. Thus in the Schirn one is confronted by a lyrical installation in which people with headphones over their ears elaborate imagined pictures as they stand before bare white walls. And yet, although the pictures are invisible, they are by no means non-existent.«

Text: Harald Welzer

Schirn Kunsthalle

Represented works