A Walk Along the City's Perimeter

A Walk Along the City’s Perimeter (Ablaufen der Stadtgrenze), 2008
A walk along the city’s perimeter during the Scape Christchurch Biennial (ca. 5 weeks), Walker: Mathias Tünnerhoff
Photo © Brendan Lee

For “Wandering Lines: Towards a New Culture of Space”, Sander provides an opportunity for Christchurch Art Gallery visitors to vicariously wander the boundaries of the city. She has employed a walker to trace the circumference of Christchurch during the course of the Biennial. Inside the Gallery, a map showing the path the walker has taken is updated daily. Playing on the relationship between the centre and the periphery, the work encourages visitors to visualise the rich terrain beyond the limits of the “Cultural Precinct”.

From the flyer of the Christchurch Biennial, 2008