White Passageways


Construction in Process, Lodz,
Plaster, white wall paint, concrete

White Passageways (Weiße Passagen), 1990
Ulica Piotrkowska, Łód
Plaster, white wall paint, concrete

Two house passages in the city of Lodz are freed from the burden of the past: the cracks in their walls are meticulously filled and they are then painted white. This work is a comment on the transitory nature of the social situation in Poland at the beginning of the 90s – on the way, history is continually being wiped out and ever new structures created. The house passages are thus passageways in a double sense. On the one hand they link past, present and future; and on the other they are brightly lit incisions into the dull, grey house facades that – like unkept promises – lead into equally dull, grey courtyards. The white passageways remained in place after the “Construction in Progress” exhibition finished, without any attempt being made to maintain or preserve them. Today they are once more indistinguishable from and absorbed by the city.

Harald Welzer