Eine Invertierung (Inverting), 2002
Competition for the Design of the Porsche Square, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, DE

For the design of the Porsche square in Stuttgart, the colors of the road are to be reversed: The normally gray surface becomes white, while all the markings such as lines, stripes, and arrows will be applied in a dark gray. A stripe pattern, specifically developed for traffic orientation, is applied in concentric circles. The use of a special muted road surface leads to a more quiet and exclusive driving experience through the Porsche grounds. The traffic lights are switched in determined intervals corresponding to the shifts in the Porsche factory, so that the traffic alternately caters to either car drivers or pedestrians.
The island in the middle of the square is provided with a green and red ring of light, in order to enable pedestrians to cross diagonally. The original traffic concept as well as all green areas remain unchanged.

Presented in exhibitions

Porscheplatz, Kunst am Bau, 2002